5 Cricketers who played 100 Test matches but never featured in an ODI World Cup

Alastair Cook- 5 Cricketers who played 100 Test matches but never featured in an ODI World Cup


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Well, till the late 1970s, Test cricket was the principal format of the game. Even the sport’s biggest pandits assessed players based on their red-ball performances. However, to make cricket more result-oriented and extraordinary, limited-overs games were domestically tried in 1963. But nobody had ever imagined that ODIs will eventually become and decide the game’s pinnacle trophy.

So far in international cricket, only 28 players have attained the iconic feats of playing 100 Tests as well as winning an ODI World Cup. Presently, out of the 28 players, only 2 are currently active in international cricket. However contrastingly, there have been just 5 players to date who have played 100 Test matches but never appeared in an ODI World Cup.

Therefore in this list, let’s check out these five great cricketers.

1.Alastair Cook

Alastair Cook- 5 Cricketers who played 100 Test matches but never featured in an ODI World Cup
Alastair Cook once led the English ODI team

In the history of modern-day English cricket, Alastair Cook is a legendary name. The southpaw is also one of the 8 cricketers who has appeared in more than 160 Test matches. So far for England, Cook is also their highest run-scorer (12,472) in the longest format. However, when it comes to ODIs, the cricketer always endured a bitter-sweet relationship.

Though Cook played a total of 92 ODI games, sadly none of them was part of any World Cup. Perhaps the only time when the 37-year-old was closest to playing the mega event was in 2015. In fact just a month or two before the 2015 World Cup Cook was the captain of the ODI team. However, his modest scores in his last 10 innings eventually got him axed. Apparently, Cook’s snub from white-ball cricket then allowed Eoin Morgan to rewrite England’s best white-ball history.

Overall, from 92 ODI appearances, Cook scored 3204 runs at an average of 36.40. Nevertheless, this legend’s best memory in the 50-over format could be the 2013 Champions Trophy Final where England finished as runner-up.

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2.VVS Laxman

VVS Laxman- 5 Cricketers who played 100 Test matches but never featured in an ODI World Cup
VVS Laxman started his ODI career well but could not push on.

During his playing days, VVS Laxman was one of the mainstays of Indian batting. In red-ball cricket, the cricketer had a very remarkable career for India. In his 134 Test games, Laxman scored 8781 runs at a commendable average of almost 46. But contrastingly in the 50-over format, the 45-year-old exhibited a very short career.

Initially, the batter’s ODI debut happened in 1998. But it was only
before the 2003 World Cup that Laxman received an elongated rope. In fact, just before the ICC event, Laxman had almost established itself as a frontline player. But sadly, it was Dinesh Mongia who replaced him in the final World Cup squad.

Comprehensively, this batting maestro even after the 2003 World Cup snub continued representing India in 50-over games. In the year 2004 itself, Laxman played more than 22 ODI matches. But unfortunately, the 2003 event was the only event where Laxman came closest to feature in a WC. All in all, from his modest ODI appearances, the batter scored 2338 runs including 6 centuries.

3.Ishant Sharma

Ishant Sharma- 5 Cricketers who played 100 Test matches but never featured in an ODI World Cup
Ishant Sharma was a part of the Champions Trophy winning team but injuries and form saw him lose his spot in white-ball cricket.

For the past few years, Ishant has just been a red-ball player now. Much recently the pacer also completed playing 100 Test matches. More importantly, the 33-year-old is also India’s 5th highest wicket-taker in the longest format. But his red-ball prosperity never got exhibited in white-ball cricket. Agonizingly, Ishant has experienced a very topsy-turvy ODI career.

However, initially, when Ishant made his ODI debut in 2007, he received adequate chances. Till August 2010, the speedster had k ept himself afloat to get selected for the 2011 World Cup. But unfortunately, Ishant was nowhere near the team when India triumphed in 2011.

Nevertheless, the cricketer from late 2012 again made his entry into the format. In fact, till January 2015, Ishant was almost certain Shto play in the World Cup in Australia. But sadly, an injury before the mega event ruled him out. After that, barely then Ishant was able to prolong his 50-over career. All in all, from his 80 ODI appearances, the tall pacer scalped 115 wickets including 6 four-wicket hauls.

4.Justin Langer

Justin Langer- 5 Cricketers who played 100 Test matches but never featured in an ODI World Cup
Despite all his test success Justin Langer was not a part of many ODI teams for Australia.

Indomitably, when the Aussies ruled World cricket, Justin Langer was their vital cog in red-ball affairs. The southpaw since 1998 was their permanent opener in the longest format. Though the cricketer had debuted in 1993, Langer’s Test career flourished after 1997. However, in between, the batter also made his ODI debut in 1994.

But sadly, Langer just played 8 ODI matches in his white-ball career. Barring his debut game where he didn’t bat, the Aussie didn’t even amass a single ODI fifty. Only an inning of 36 against India in 1994 is his best ODI score. His last appearance in the 50-over international game was at Lord’s in 1997.

All in all, this Australian great was a classical long format batter who could grind all day long. That’s why though Langer didn’t play any World Cup, he has clinched several Ashes accolades in the hardest form of the game.

5.Colin Cowdrey

Colin Cowdrey- 5 Cricketers who played 100 Test matches but never featured in an ODI World Cup
Colin Cowdrey, the first to reach the 100 Test mark could not do so in ODs given the scant number of games in the format back then.

Undoubtedly, Colin Cowdrey was one of the biggest batting geniuses of his era. When English cricket experienced its golden age in the 1960s, Cowdrey was at the absolute forefront. More importantly, the legend was also one of the fewest cricketers to enjoy a two-decade international career (1954-1975). Interestingly, Cowdrey was also the first ever to play 100 Test matches.

Barring all this, the cricketer was also part of the first international ODI game that happened in 1971. However, when limited-over cricket was at trial in England, the batting maestro didn’t participate much. In general, Cowdrey was at the fag end of his career, when ODIs as a format got introduced.

Also, eventually, when the first ODI World Cup happened in June 1975, Cowdrey hung his international boots in February. Overall, this Englishman was a bona fide legend of the game and would have won a World Cup if it would have happened a decade earlier.