An ex-Pakistan captain explains why Team India will never be the same after Virat Kohli quits Test captaincy


Modified Jan 17, 2022 5:35 PM IST

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Earlier in the month, India lost a three-match Test series to South Africa 2-1. The lesser-experienced Proteas team won the first Test in Centurion, but the next two games turned the series around. During a video posted on Butt’s YouTube channel, Butt said that Kohli brought something essential to Indian cricket that it lacked. He said that Indian cricket would be different from what it is now.

“How can things go back to normal when he’s no longer the captain? He will now become a player and give his all. When he was leading, he worked with a complete vision, like MS Dhoni.It was widely criticized that he was over-aggressive but that was exactly what Indian cricket needed and he provided that. His not being captain will be a major loss,” stated Butt.

While left-hander Butt was also showing interest in guessing Kohli’s bombshell announcement, he did so earlier in the video.
”The tweets he’s posted suggest he’s had enough. He’s not the age when a player says, I’m done. I hope someone else takes over for him. He still has 5 years left, and it’s not like he’s quitting altogether.”

”There is an issue with compatibility within the set-up. When that happens, everything else starts to matter,” stated Butt. Another reason could be the lack of like-mindedness. “There was an organizational set-up, where Ravi Shastri was present and his crew worked seamlessly with Kohli,” Butt concluded.