Bangalore wins by 13 runs, stands in top 4!

Indian Premier League 2022, Match 49: Royal Challengers Bangalore went up against Chennai Super Kings at Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Pune. Virat Kohli and Faf du Plessis, the RCB openers, march out to the middle.

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Indian Premier League 2022, Match 49: Royal Challengers Bangalore went up against Chennai Super Kings at Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Pune. Virat Kohli and Faf du Plessis, the RCB openers, march out to the middle. Mukesh Choudhary will take the stage first. Mukesh Choudhary bowled a solid first over, but he was a little legside-ish. He discovered a smidgeon of swing. He focused on getting the ball into the batter’s hands. Kohli got off to a good start with a flip to fine leg on the first ball. With a single to fine leg, Du Plessis also got off to a good start. The next couple of balls are defended by Kohli. For a FOUR, he flicks one on the pads to fine leg. After a DOT, Faf flashes at a wide one and edges it to third man for a FOUR in the fourth over.

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He then scampers through for three runs after clipping one past midwicket. Kohli then misses a bouncer pull and mistimes his punch, resulting in a cover. He then goes for a SIX with a wide one over the covers. RCB are ramping up the pace now, scoring 18 off the fifth over. CSK’s lines aren’t quite right. For a FOUR, Du Plessis drives one into the middle of the field. He chases a wide one after a DOT and gets an edge to third man for another FOUR. After that, he clips one to the leg side for two and then mistimes his loft over point for two more. The next one comes off the centre, and he lofts a slower one over long on for SIX. Because Moeen struck in his first over and sent back Du Plessis, the eighth over was a successful over for CSK. He sensed a turn coming on and focused on bowling outside off. This over produced 4 runs and a wicket. Kohli knocks a pair of FOURS in the following over, making it an exciting over for both teams. His self-assurance was building. However, they misread a run on the final ball, and Maxwell was run out.

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The Jadeja over yielded 10 runs and a wicket. For CSK, it was a huge wicket. CSK has had a great couple of overs. They’ve fought back valiantly here. Moeen has a terrific over. He gets off to a slow start, only scoring three runs on the first three balls. With a magnificent off-spinner, he then takes Kohli’s wicket. Only gives up three runs. After that, Jadeja bowls another disciplined over, giving up five singles. The lCricket AddictorRCB vs CSK Head to Head Records, Royal Challengers Bangalore’s …

ast two overs yielded 8 runs and a wicket. The fourteenth and fifteenth overs were a great pair of overs for RCB, as they scored 24 runs in each. Moeen goes for a run once more. To begin the over, Lomror smashes a FOUR straight down the ground. Patidar then mistimes his heave by a couple of seconds. There’s a WIDE and four singles, for a total of 11 runs. Patidar smacks one straight down the ground for a FOUR, and then Lomror cracks one over deep mid-wicket for a SIX after Theekshana is pulled back. Pretorius hits the first ball immediately after that. Mukesh Choudhary makes a spectacular catch to send Patidar back. Outside, it’s a slower one, and Patiday appears to heave but miscues it high in the air. Mukesh Choudhary comes charging in from deep square leg and makes a spectacular diving catch. The final two overs for RCB were a mixed bag for CSK to conclude the innings. Under duress, Theekshana bowled a magnificent 19th over. He had Lomror and Hasaranga captured at long on and long off, respectively. Then she uses a beautician to clean up Shahbaz. Only gives up two runs. Pretorius then misses his lengths, bowls a couple in the slot, and is thrashed by Karthik for a pair of sixes. There are a few twos and a Harshal Patel run out as well. They get a couple off the penultimate delivery to finish the over with 16 runs, giving RCB a total of 173/8 wickets! The openers are Devon Conway and Ruturaj Gaikwad, who come off a dismal break with everyone waiting. The proceedings will be kicked off by Shahbaz Nadeem. CSK got off to a good start. Conway presses the accelerator button after only one run off the first three balls. To make it 9 off the Shahbaz over, reverse sweep one for a FOUR and pull the last one for another FOUR. CSK scored 26 off the fifth and sixth overs, with Ruturaj Gaikwad taking charge and smashing two fours and one six, accompanied by a six from Devon Conway! In the next over, though, Ahmed flips the script when Ruturaj Gaikwad’s eyes light up once more when he sees a short ball, and he looks to pull but fails to centre it effectively. Suyash Prabhudessai, the substitute fielder, races forward and across to his right to capture a stunning diving catch after a mistimed aerial shot to wide long on. Conway raises it with 33 balls. In IPL 2022, he had two straight 50s. Pretorius begins the last over with a SIX off Harshal, bringing the total requirement to 31. Slower outside, Pretorius tries to go downtown, but he mistimes it and ends up long off, where Kohli makes a routine catch. Theekshana pulls and then misses his flick, resulting in four leg byes. Maheesh Theekshana sways away from the shooting line with a well-directed bouncer around his leg. BANGALORE WINS BY 13 RUNS! Maheesh Theekshana plays a mistimed lofted shot towards covers for just a single at the back of a length, around off. Bangalore now has two key points and is in the top four.