Can the Chennai Super Kings get Past Mumbai to make it 6 in a Row?


Modified May 1, 2021 12:35 PM IST

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After a loss against the Delhi Capitals, the Chennai Super Kings have gone on to win their next five games and sit at the top of the table.

Their performance gives the fans a lot to cheer about after they finished seventh in IPL 2020.

The inclusion of Moeen Ali and return of Suresh Raina has helped Chennai play with more intent than last season.

The side bats deeper and can be more aggressive throughout the innings.

Chennai Super Kings

The opening partnership has been good, with Gaikwad and Faf Du Plessis going well, while Ravindra Jadeja has performed in all three departments.

The team has looked balanced, with minor issues to look into, such as the bowling, particularly when the ball doesn’t swing for Chahar.

When the ball does swing, though, Deepak Chahar enjoys it.

He has been brilliant upfront with the moving ball, but his support hasn’t been as great, with Curran providing occasional brilliance and Thakur struggling.

With five wins, though, the Chennai Super Kings will be going up against an old enemy.

The Mumbai Indians have dominated the Chennai Super Kings massively over the last few years to the extent where they only lost two games out of eight, ever since 2018.

They have had the edge over the Chennai Super Kings over the years, and MS Dhoni will have to think hard if they are to get past Mumbai tonight.

The Mumbai Indians will be boosted by Rohit Sharma, Quinton De Kock, and Kieron Pollard, as all three have good records against Chennai’s bowlers.

Kieron Pollard, in particular, has been a nightmare for the Chennai Super Kings throughout his IPL career.

His explosiveness against Chennai goes back to 2010 when he almost won the IPL finals, with Mumbai nowhere in the competition.

Kieron Pollard has also played crucial roles in the 2013 and 2019 finals, with brilliant knocks to get Mumbai Indians reasonable.

Today, his performance is likely to be a factor for the Chennai Super Kings if they are to beat the Mumbai Indians.

Another key player is Hardik Pandya.

Hardik Pandya has been a bit out of form this season, but he is another player who is known to step up against the Chennai Super Kings.

In previous encounters, he has provided the late innings push for the Mumbai Indians and has also impressed MS Dhoni with his version of the helicopter shot.

Facing the Chennai Super Kings may well be the factor that brings Pandya back to form.

The third match-up to watch out for is Jasprit Bumrah’s with Chennai Super Kings and MS Dhoni.

India’s premier fast bowler has been on top of MS Dhoni on numerous occasions over the years, and with

Dhoni is struggling to find touch; he may find it easy to get past Dhoni yet again.

His record against the other Chennai Super Kings batsman is pretty reasonable, with only Rayudu and Dwayne Bravo doing a decent job against Bumrah.

Although, with Jadeja back in form, Bumrah may have a little more work to do against the all-rounder.

His match-up is an important one, as the pacemaker is known to set the tone for the Mumbai Indians and can damage batting line-ups with ease.

While Hardik Pandya, Jasprit Bumrah, and Kieron Pollard have good records against the Chennai Super Kings, they aren’t the only ones who can hurt the side.

Rohit Shama and Suryakumar Yadav have good records and have been in decent form this season.

Their consistency could provide a good start, and their wickets are essential for the Chennai Super Kings.

The bowling is likely to be a crucial factor, as the Chennai Super Kings have to get past a string of talented batters to stay ahead of the game.

The Chennai Super Kings, however, also have players with decent records against Mumbai.

Unlike last season, the Chennai Super Kings have Suresh Raina, the leading run-scorer in encounters between the two sides.

He didn’t have much to do after the first game, but Raina may have more work tonight with a strong bowling attack.

Ravindra Jadeja and Sam Curran are two others who have decent records, while Ruturaj Gaikwad is relatively unknown to the Mumbai Indians.

The Chennai Super Kings have their own set of players, who could step up to the Mumbai challenge, but they will undoubtedly have a lot of work to do if they are to get past Mumbai.

Mumbai has enjoyed their games against Chennai of late.

The Chennai Super Kings have a challenging task ahead of them to win their sixth game.

The lead-up to the game is interesting, with both in decent form, but time will tell if the lead-up lives up to expectations or if the game turns out to be one-sided and dominating one.