Dravid might be seen as the head coach for India!


Modified Oct 16, 2021 5:41 PM IST

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As Ravi Sastri’s term will be expiring next month, Dravid is the only name that is coming up to become the next head coach for India. In all probability, he will be guiding the Indian team as the head coach for the series against New Zealand.

Many Australians have expressed their interests to become the head coach of the Indian cricket team but the BCCI sets heart on replacing Ravi Sashtri with an Indian. Rahul Dravid has coached the second string Indian team for the white ball series against Sri lanka in the beginning of this year, and is likely to execute the same for the home matches that will be played against New Zealand. 

BCCI will give a proposal for being the coach as finding an Australian coach after Sashtri will take a much longer time. They have also offered him a full time position as a head coach, to which he declined as a lot of travelling is involved and wanted to continue being the Director of National Cricket Academy . According to The Hindustan Times, a BCCI official said “We wanted the candidate whom we feel is best suited for the job to agree first. We don’t want a situation where we get applications but no one is seen as ideal. It will be embarrassing for the board and for the candidates too. So it’s better to find a suitable candidate first, till then Dravid can be interim coach”.

Image source- Telegu news

India will be facing New Zealand, playing two tests and three 20-20’s, which will begin after the ending of the T20 World Cup, starting from 17th November. Rahul Dravid has always been a legend and has given many new faces for the Indian Cricket Team. We shall be looking forward to the decisions he makes, after his official position as the head coach for the Indian cricket team.