Ganguly lauds Laxman for sacrifices he made to ‘serve Indian cricket’


Modified Nov 19, 2021 2:15 PM IST

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The BCCI chief has welcomed VVS Laxman’s appointment as director of the National Cricket Academy. The former India batter will have to step down as NCA’s head after succeeding Rahul Dravid, which will include a contract with Sunrisers Hyderabad and a decent financial cut as the former India batter steps in to serve Indian cricket.

“He’s moving to Bangalore for the next three years just to serve Indian cricket. It’s remarkable. Of course, his earnings will drop, but he’s OK with it. His wife and children will also move. There will be a huge change in the family to relocate to Bangalore because the children will be studying at a school there. “It is not easy unless you are so devoted to Indian cricket,” he told PTI.

I’m glad that they both agreed and are prepared to do the right thing for Indian cricket,” the former India captain said. “Emotionally, I’m happy that they’ve both agreed and they want to do it for Indian cricket,” he added.

I selected Laxman because of his commitment. Laxman has always been an excellent colleague. Therefore, from that perspective, he is the most important person in Indian cricket. Laxman will be able to carry on the great work because Rahul has put in place a system in NCA.”