Harbhajan explains how Kohli, as a leader, shaped the current Indian team


Modified Dec 28, 2021 11:06 AM IST

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Despite the fact that Virat Kohli has not won an ICC trophy with India, there is no doubt that this team has reached extraordinary heights in world cricket under his leadership. The Indian team has accomplished distinctions that few thought it could accomplish, with Kohli in charge. Kohli is India’s most notable Test captain. India has transformed from a team of beleaguered competitors to a team that has beaten England earlier this year.

In a recent interview, Harbhajan Singh on Monday explained how Indian Test captain Kohli took on the role of a leader and shaped this current team. Speaking to India TV about the benefits of Kohli’s aggressive approach on the field, Harbhajan Sharma said that it is perfect for this team. He also said that they needed more players like him to lead this Indian team forward. ”Kohli scored a big century in one of those series, playing admirably, even though India had lost the Test series. India had to chase 400 runs in that game and Kohli had scored a lot of runs in the match. I told him that it might have ended in a draw when he returned to the pavilion, adding, there’s no point in a drawn match. In the end, you either win or lose and the day we learn to fight, the day we will win,” Harbhajan remembered Kohli’s words.

“That’s the difference you notice in the Indian team today. They went to Australia and beat them twice. They played extremely well in England and I hope they beat the South Africans this time. I think Kohli played his role well as a leader, and his aggressive approach has helped him become the player he is today. I don’t think he’d have scored as many runs had he been soft like MS Dhoni,” concluded Harbhajan.