Here are all the scenarios in which Virat Kohli’s team can still qualify for the T20 World Cup semi-finals


Modified Nov 2, 2021 10:41 AM IST

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Two big games, two heartbreaking defeats! Team India, regarded as one of the most difficult to beat in international cricket, has been humbled in the first two matches of the ICC T20 World Cup at Dubai. After losing by 10 wickets to Pakistan and then by 8 wickets to their recurring nightmare team in ICC competitions, the New Zealanders, the Men in Blue are facing an early exit.

As of now the chances are slim and appear bleak, they do exist at this time. India’s passage to the semi-finals would be possible on the results of other matches, especially the New Zealand-Afghanistan battle on November 7.

Source: Sydney News today

So now the question arises, how can team India overcome all obstacles to get to the knockout stages? Apart from beating Scotland, Namibia, and Afghanistan by significant majorities, India would like one of these three sides to upset New Zealand, with Afghanistan proving to be the most likely candidate. India will be seeking to defeat the team that has troubled them in ICC competitions since 2007.

However, if India loses to Afghanistan, all of this intricacy will come to a stop, as a third straight defeat will put an end to their campaign right then and then. Rest assured, India’s road ahead appears to be exceedingly difficult, and a place in the final four will necessitate a massive effort. Let’s see what the future holds for Team India. Fingers crossed!