”I am tired of explaining the same thing again and again”: Virat Kohli


Modified Dec 15, 2021 4:59 PM IST

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Before departing for the South African tour, Kohli said things were fine between the two Indian cricket stars, addressing rumors of a rift.  “Rohit and I have no problem at all. Honestly, I have been clarifying this for the past two and a half years. I am tired of answering the same questions and explaining the same things repeatedly. “I can assure you one thing: My actions or communications will not be detrimental to the team while I play cricket,” Virat Kohli stated.

Earlier this month, Kohli was ejected as ODI captain when the Test team was announced for South Africa. During a press conference, Kohli confirmed that he was told about the removal just minutes before the selectors sat down with him to discuss the team selection. The fact that Kohli stepped down as the T20I captain following the T20 World Cup should be noted since he declared then that he was still interested in playing ODIs and Tests.

Despite what was said, ”I was only contacted an hour and a half before the meeting. There was no communication. The chief selector discussed the Test team. The five selectors told me before we ended the call that I would not be the ODI captain. I said it’s okay”, Kohli concluded.