In Kohli’s opinion, it is challenging to understand what a cricketer thinks when making decisions such as these


Modified Feb 24, 2022 6:16 PM IST

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Kohli said he took that decision to give himself some space and be able to manage his workload after stepping down as the Royal Challengers Bangalore skipper after the 2021 season. After announcing that the T20 World Cup would be his final appearance as India captain in the shortest format, Kohli left the IPL captaincy. He stepped down from the five-day leadership role after he was removed from the ODI captaincy. 

Kohli brushed off all the rumors and discussions surrounding his decision, saying, “I know nothing about it whatsoever. My life is very simple and straightforward. When I want to make a decision, I make a decision and announce it. After contemplating it for a year, I didn’t want to think about it anymore. That wouldn’t have harmed me, it wouldn’t have harmed the environment in which I live. I value my quality of life very much,” Kohli stated. ”Eventually, you need to realize that quality is far more important than quantity, even if you want to do what you’re doing day-in and day-out. Quality in execution, but quantity in hard work. It’s that simple,” Kohli added.

”My identity is centered around that. My position is based on that. I am able to connect with people on that level because of this. Because of that factor, my friends loved ones, and family has always connected to me because I’ve always been me,” he concluded.