Ravi Shastri has singled out three different types of players compared to previous generations


Modified Dec 10, 2021 3:16 PM IST

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Ravi Shastri not only coached India to a dominant brand of cricket but also produced fearless cricketers who are ready to carry Indian cricket forward. Besides India’s tremendous record overseas, two major achievements of Shastri’s tenure can be highlighted: the development of India’s pace battery and the emergence of some of the most promising youngsters with breath-taking skills.

Shastri’s admiration for his players only grows, even after stepping down as India’s head coach. According to Shastri, the current generation of Indian cricketers differs from previous generations. Three, in particular, stand out. Despite being in India for only a few years, Pant, Shubman Gill, and Bumrah have a lot more experience than their predecessors. They have the same belief as their predecessors, but they have the exuberance of youth and are fearless,” stated Shastri in a recent interview.

“I have always believed the IPL has made a difference – playing with and against the best in the world and then joining such a team makes them far more experienced. As a cricketer, the maximum pace I faced was 74kmph. When I had the opportunity to represent India, I faced Imran Khan and the West Indies pacers, so the experience level is vastly different,” concluded Shastri.