IPL 2023: IND test Players to be rested, Rohit Sharma shares WTC final prep plans

The WTC last is played in June, just after the IPL and this year, the last is on May 29 while the WTC will start on June 7 at the Oval.

  • Sinchan Saha | March 14, 2023 | 6:57 am

India captain Rohit Sharma stated on Monday that the Indian players, whose IPL teams will not advance to the T20 League playoffs, may gather in London for a two-week conditioning camp prior to the World Test Championship final against Australia. The WTC last is played in June, just after the IPL and this year, the last is on May 29 while the WTC will start on June 7 at the Oval.

Image Source: Hindustan Times

Since the IPL is returning to its original home and away format for the first time since the COVID-19 outbreak, there will be a lot of traveling involved, and only Cheteshwar Pujara, one of the current India Test regulars, is not playing in the IPL.

“It’s quite critical for us. We are going to keep in constant touch with all the players who are going to play that final and monitor their workload and see what’s happening with them,”

Sharma replied to a query from PTI at a press conference after India won the series against Australia 2-1.

“Around 21st May, there will be six teams who will be possibly out of IPL play-off contention and so whichever players are available, we will try and find time to get them to UK early as possible and get some time and we will monitor as much as possible,”

the skipper gave a sneak peek into his plans for the big final.

The three bleeding edge pacers Mohammed Siraj (RCB), Mohammed Shami (Gujarat Titans), Umesh Yadav (KKR) are supposed to be first-group regulars for their particular establishments and play something like 12 out of 14 gathering association games and observing their responsibility will be significant.

“In fact, we are sending some (red) Duke Balls to all fast bowlers and if they get some time to bowl with that but again it all depends on individuals,”

Rohit said.

In contrast to SG Tests in India and the Kookaburra in Australia, Tests in England are played with Duke balls.

It remains to be seen how much time a Shami, Umesh, or Siraj will have due to their packed schedules, matches, and travel

However, the majority of the Test squad members are familiar with England because they have all participated in multiple series there and some have also played county cricket there.

“Guys who will be part of finals are not the guys who have not played in UK. May be there could be one or two guys here and there and rest all of us have played in that part of the world. I don’t think it will be huge problem. Look, I believe that preparations will be key for us, come the finals.”

he stated further.

Despite the fact that both sides have played a lot of cricket in England, the neutral venue will present a completely different challenge for them.

“Speaking of playing them (Australia) in the finals, it will be a different ball game with neutral venues for both teams. Both teams have played lot of cricket in that part of the world and I won’t say it will be alien conditions for both teams but yes, compared to what it is like playing India in India or Australia in Australia, it is not going to be like that, it would be slightly different from that which I am sure both teams will prepare for it,”

the captain said.