‘Kohli loved the food so much that he and a former teammate almost got into trouble over it’

Virat Kohli has come a long way from experiencing the Sydney crowd as a flip to thanking the crowd on his 100th Test. Starting out as a brash, aggressive youngster, Kohli has mellowed dramatically into one of India’s most successful Test captains. On the field, Kohli is fiercely competitive, and rightfully so, but once he leaves the field, his peers report that he is the most fun and energetic person they have ever met. Kohli, in the true sense, is the kind of role model young and budding cricketers should emulate for his kind gestures toward his fans.

Kohli, however, did not reach greatness by accident. During the diet change in 2012, Kohli went from a promising player to one of the best in the world. As a child growing up in West Delhi, Kohli was always an avid foodie, but when the time came to become the best in the world, he realized that he must alter his lifestyle. Consequently, fried food items and dishes such as butter chicken were eliminated in favor of a lot more disciplined diet. Kohli almost got into trouble for his love of food. ”Kohli’s former teammate from the India Under-19 team, he couldn’t resist the allure of tasty food during his early years. In order to get some of his favorite street-food cuisines, Kohli was willing to risk his life as well as mine,” stated Sangwan.

”It was when he joined us in 2012 that he went to a new level in terms of his diet. Trying to shed a few pounds, he was determined to lose weight. Trying to excel in the field, he was determined to shed pounds. In his nets, he liked to bat for hours and then knock for some time,” Sangwan concluded.