Kohli won’t play a Tendulkar-like SCG knock, says this former Indian batter


Modified Jan 4, 2022 1:24 PM IST

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Due to his persistent habit of nicking the ball outside off stump, Virat Kohli’s repeated dismissals are being compared to Sachin Tendulkar’s epic 241 not-out knock against Australia during the Sydney Test of 2004. Similar to Kohli, Tendulkar was also unsuccessful at playing shots outside the off. How did he remedy this? In his most disciplined innings, Tendulkar did not hit a single cover drive.

According to Aakash Chopra, who was part of that legendary SCG Test, Kohli might not be able to mimic Tendulkar’s approach. However, he can show more patience to find his groove again. Since Kohli did not play the second Test due to a back spasm, his cricketing start to the new year will now be the third Test at Cape Town on January 11. Kohli will be looking to start 2022 at Newlands on the right foot by scoring a century after going two years without a century. It doesn’t appear that the India captain has too many weaknesses, and Chopra expects the skipper to return to his rollicking form with a little more application.

Kohli does not seem too bothered about playing bouncers. It’s more about knowing where your off-stump is. So that you can let the ball go a little more, trust the bounce a little more. There is no requirement that it must be online. “Misreading the line won’t matter; you won’t be bowled since the ball is going through the stumps,” stated Chopra furthermore.