Lucknow wins by 75 runs in an exhilarating match!

Lucknow Super Giants went up against Kolkata Knight Riders at MCA Stadium in Pune. Lucknow is victorious by 75 runs and Kolkata were bowled out for 101 runs. Avesh Khan was named man of the match with his stats of 3/19 in three overs.

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Indian Premier League 2022, Match 51: Lucknow Super Giants went up against Kolkata Knight Riders at MCA Stadium in Pune. The toss has been won by Kolkata Knight Riders, who will bowl first against the Lucknow Super Giants. Kolkata Knight Riders have struck first, removing LSG skipper KL Rahul in the opening over of the innings after just one over. Lucknow came back with 27 runs at the end of the third over, despite losing a wicket in the next couple of overs! Quinton, as usual, plays beautifully and reaches 50 in the seventh over, putting Lucknow on 73/1. But, in the next over, Quinton de Kock is caught at long off by Mavi, and the over ends with a vital wicket. Narine gets some turn on it, and the left-stroke hander’s was out of control. Deepak Hooda continues to hit boundaries with regularity and scores a century for LSG in the 11th over. By the end of the 18th over, they were at 142/4 thanks to a couple more tidy overs from LSG. However, the avalanche of sixes came very immediately after. Stoinis anticipates it early, gets into position, and slams it over backward square leg. Mavi doesn’t offer much pace on that one. Yet another. Stoinis shuffles and smacks that out of the park around cow corner after Mavi bowls a full toss around the off stump. SIX! For Mavi, nothing is working. Stoinis shuffles again and pulls that over deep midwicket as he bowls short, wide of off. He bowls a wider length after the hat-trick, and Stonis tries to go over the deep mid-wicket boundary, but mistimes his stroke and throws a catch to Shreyas Iyer, but SIX! Another high score. Mavi bowls this one straight to Holder’s pads, and the right-hander smacks it over deep square leg. Another six to close the over, with Mavi allowing 30 runs. Holder doesn’t hesitate to hammer that over long off this time, bowling full outside off. The innings comes to a close with Baba Indrajith hitting the target to dismiss Chameera. In 20 overs, LSG managed to score 176/7.

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LSG has made an early breakthrough. Baba Indrajith couldn’t do much about it when Mohsin Khan bangs in short. He attempts for the pull but miscues, and Ayush Badoni takes a good catch around backward square leg. The KKR hitters were failing to gain any momentum even after three overs. However, KKR score several runs in the next couple of overs, including a boundary. With only 8 overs remaining, the Kolkata Knight Riders are in serious trouble and will need Andre Russell to go all out. And SIX, exactly what we were discussing. Russell needs to hit some more of those for KKR. Russell clears his front leg and smacks it out of the ground towards the deep mid-wicket boundary after a touch fuller from Holder. Another one as Holder bowls short and wide and Russell hits it flat and straight; the fielder covers a fair amount of ground to his left but is unable to hold on to the ball as it passes through his hands for a six. SIX more times! That is an impressive stroke. Russell pulls that over long on the back end of the length, slower delivery, outside off from Holder. Andre Russell has collected some runs after 9 overs, as KKR earn 25 runs from him, putting them at 55/4. By the 12th over, KKR had taken a wicket and scored 10 runs, and they were still fighting. Avesh Khan had conceded some runs in the previous over, but he has made a good return with KKR on 79/5. It wasn’t looking good for KKR, as they were down seven wickets before the end of the 13th over and had fallen behind with LSG making big declarations with their play. LSG hits once more, and OUT! TAKEN! Kolkata’s match is all but over as Sunil Narine holes out. Jason Holder’s pitch is short and wide and ready to be hammered. Narine chases it down and tries to smack it over additional covers, but it lands on the bat’s toe end. The ball is lofted barely past the defender at extra cover, but Krunal Pandya timed his jump perfectly and caught it. OUT AGAIN! TAKEN! Jason Holder is on a three-game winning streak! Short and in the centre of the length. Avesh Khan takes it low at deep square leg after Tim Southee pulls it straight in his hands. OUT! With us on the edge of our seats! GET OUT! That’s everything! Lucknow has succeeded! Too full and centred. Rana takes it to the midpoint for a single. The batsmen seek to take advantage of Ayush Badoni’s misfielding. Badoni chases it down and throws it to Holder, who removes the bails. Harshit Rana was considerably outside his crease, according to the replay. Lucknow is victorious by 75 runs. Kolkata were bowled out for 101 runs, and Lucknow’s success serves as a warning to the rest of the competition. They have defeated their opponents on the field, and this is a significant win that propels Lucknow to the top of the standings. This also means that Mumbai, the five-time winners, are mathematically eliminated from contention for the playoffs. Avesh Khan was named man of the match with his stats of 3/19 in three overs.