“ODI cricket getting too predictable and boring”: Sachin Tendulkar comments

Sachin Tendulkar commended “ODI cricket getting too predictable and boring” after seeing the prediction and overall match on Friday.

“ODI cricket getting too predictable and boring”: Sachin Tendulkar comments
  • Sinchan Saha | March 17, 2023 | 7:04 pm

Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar recently made headlines when he spoke out about his concerns regarding One Day International (ODI) cricket. Tendulkar, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen of all time, expressed his belief that ODI cricket has become too predictable and boring.

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Moreover, Speaking to reporters, Tendulkar said that while he still loves the game, he feels that ODI cricket has lost some of its excitement and unpredictability

He also suggested that the rise of T20 cricket, which is faster-paced and more dynamic, has made ODI cricket seem outdated in comparison. However, Tendulkar also noted that the format of ODI cricket has remained largely unchanged for several decades, with teams typically scoring around 250-300 runs in their 50 overs. He argued that this predictability has made it easier for bowlers to prepare and for teams to strategize, resulting in matches that lack the tension and drama of years past.

Additionally, the cricket legend went on to suggest that ODI cricket could benefit from some changes to make it more exciting for fans. He suggested that teams could experiment with different formats, such as playing with fewer overs or increasing the number of players on the field. 

Besides that, he also called for greater innovation in the game, with teams exploring new strategies and tactics to keep the game fresh and unpredictable.

Tendulkar’s comments have sparked a lively debate in the cricketing world, with many fans and experts weighing in on the future of ODI cricket. Some have agreed with Tendulkar’s assessment, noting that the format has become somewhat stale in recent years. Others have defended ODI cricket, pointing to its rich history and the many great matches that have been played over the years.

“It’s getting monotonous, without a doubt. The current format, which has been there for a while now is two new balls (per innings). When you have two new balls, you have kind of eliminated reverse swing. Even though, we are in the 40th over of the game, it’s just the 20th over of that ball. And the ball only starts reversing around the 30th over. That element is missing today because of two new balls. The current format, I feel, is heavy on bowlers,”

said Tendulkar.

“Right now, the game is becoming too predictable. From the 15th to the 40th over its losing its momentum. It’s getting boring.”

he further added.

Despite the differing opinions, there seems to be a general consensus that ODI cricket could benefit from some changes to keep it relevant and exciting for fans. Some have suggested that the International Cricket Council (ICC) could take the lead in implementing changes to the format, while others have called on individual teams to experiment with new ideas and strategies.

However, in any case, it seems clear that ODI cricket will need to adapt and evolve if it is to remain a popular and successful format in the years to come. Whether through changes to the format or greater changes on the part of teams and players, the game will need to find ways to keep fans engaged and excited. And with Sachin Tendulkar leading the charge for change, it seems likely that we will see some exciting developments in the world of ODI cricket in the future.