Ramiz Raja clears up his statement regarding IPL AND PSL

Ramiz said last month that ”we will see who plays the IPL over the PSL.”

The chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Ramiz Raja recently discussed ways to revamp the Pakistan Super League (PSL) in order to combat the preference of overseas players for the Indian Premier League (IPL). It came in the midst of the BCCI’s bid to obtain the lucrative IPL media rights at a time when his comments were highly criticized by Indian cricket fans. The PCB chief however clarified his comments about playing the IPL over the PSL on Sunday.

”It has always been a money game. Our respect will grow as Pakistan’s cricket economy grows. One of the major drivers of that economic growth is the Pakistan Super League. I will put the PSL in the bracket of the IPL if we move to an auction model and increase the purse. After that, we’ll see who’s going to play in the IPL instead of the PSL,” Stated Ramiz during a recent press conference. ”My statement was misquoted. I am familiar with the economic situation in Pakistan and India. PSL will be improved. Our plan is to introduce the auction model, but I was misquoted on the other part,” he added.

Next week in Dubai, Ramiz will formally present the proposal for a ‘four-nation tournament’ in which India, Pakistan, Australia, and England will participate.