Rashid Latif says Virat and Ganguly are battling for the captaincy, regardless of what Virat says or what Ganguly tweets


Modified Jan 17, 2022 5:06 PM IST

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India’s Test captain Virat Kohli unexpectedly resigned after more than a decade of service. Initially, it appeared that the Indian cricket team was set to be divided into ODI and T20I captains, and Kohli would lead the Test team, but Kohli’s announcement ended any chance of having a split captaincy.

Rashid Latif, however, holds a different opinion. Virat’s resignation is a result of an ongoing dispute with the BCCI chief, rather than what Kohli may have said about what Ganguly tweeted. BCCI president Sourav Ganguly tweeted before speculation could begin that Kohli had sole responsibility for the call, meaning the board had nothing to do with it. It appears Kohli didn’t feel pressured, judging by his official statement. The board had in mind to remove Kohli as ODI captain in December, but that plan backfired, Latif said without naming anyone. After India suffered an emphatic loss at the T20 World Cup and then a loss in South Africa, which was considered one of their best chances to win a Test series there, Latif believes some people have been attempting to influence Indian cricket by targeting him.
It seems that some people have a knack for provoking Kohli.

When he announced that he would not captain India after the World Cup, he was removed as ODI captain as well. “You have not just upset Kohli, you have upset Indian cricket,” he said.