Razzaq throws an explosive statement, discouraging India!


Modified Oct 5, 2021 4:22 PM IST

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Former  Pakistani all-rounder Abdul Razzaq, said that the reason the Indian cricket team is not having cordial relationship with Pakistan is because they know they are the inferior team.

India and Pakistan will be confronting each other on October 24 at the T20 World Cup, long after the 2019 World Cup in England. The former Pakistan all-rounder, Abdul Razzaq quantifies on AIRY news dauntlessly that over the years, Pakistan have always produced better players than India, and accentuated his trivial points by comparing among legends for both nations.

Razzaq was asked “Do India have the kind of pace bowlers of all-rounders like Pakistan or you feel there is no match?” Razzaq responded by saying that the kind of talent Pakistan has is unique, which the Indian cricket team doesn’t, referring to the ability to prosper in high-pressure scenarios. He said India cannot compete with Pakistan. The kind of knack Pakistan has is entirely different and it isn’t a good thing for cricket that India and Pakistan are not having matches.

Image source- Times of India

He firmly believes, people have found out the kind of expertise that Pakistan has, which India does not. Razzaq’s comments are not only limited to the current bunch of India and Pakistan cricketers but also mentioned that all these are the reasons behind India’s decision to not compete against Pakistan anymore.

He added Pakistan had Imraan Khan and Wasim Akram, who he considered as better potential players than Kapil Dev and Gavaskar. With his irrelevant statements, Razzaq once again became the centre of gossip and a major headline in every news today.