Report Mistakenly Shows Adam Gilchrist As Richest Cricketer, See His Viral Reply

When Adam Gilchrist was named the richest cricketer in the world, his response to the online list went viral.

Report Mistakenly Shows Adam Gilchrist As Richest Cricketer, See His Viral Reply
  • Sinchan Saha | March 16, 2023 | 12:52 pm

A Twitter handle with the handle “The World Index” made the shocking claim that Australia legend Adam Gilchrist is currently the richest cricketer in the world. In the rundown of 10 Richest cricketers posted on the record, Gilchrist enjoyed a significant upper hand over the course of the second positioned Sachin Tendulkar and the handle guaranteed that the ex-Australia star has a total assets of around $380 million.

Although Ricky Ponting and Virat Kohli finished third and fourth, the inclusion of Gilchrist astonished many fans

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While there were a ton of conversations on the web, Gilchrist himself chose to end the disarray as he answered the tweet by The World Index. The cricketer explained that because the handle mentioned Adam Gilchrist’s net worth, it was a case of mistaken identity.

The businessman, who owns the F45 fitness center chain, recently made headlines for making more than $500 million in 2022. His net worth skyrocketed as a result of the company’s listing on the New York Stock Exchange last year.

“A case of mistaken identity here folks. Unless of course my namesake who founded F45 played cricket, in which case it’s completely accurate #doyourresearch #fakenews #yasafesachin”.

As Tendulkar maintains his position as the world’s richest cricketer, Gilchrist’s tweet included the snarky hashtag “#yasafesachin.” Fans on a variety of social media platforms praised Gilchrist for his prompt clarification as the post quickly went viral.

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