Rohit Sharma Changes His ODI Template to Ease Pressure on His Partner

Rohit Sharma Changes His ODI Template to Ease Pressure on His Partner

Sanjay Sanapoori

Modified Jan 25, 2023 11:04 AM IST

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Rohit Sharma may be criticized for a lot. His T20 form and approach along with his fitness constantly comes under the scanner as does his Test ability overseas. One aspect often ignored though is Rohit Sharma’s intent to improve, adapt and evolve. From being a middle-order batter, Rohit Sharma found success as an opener. Initially seen as a player who will struggle against the moving ball, Rohit Sharma found a massive upturn to his career from 2013.

In Test Cricket too, Rohit Sharma, a player who was seen to struggle overseas ended up finding success as an opener. His numbers and a century at the Oval are enough evidence. While his Test and T20 game are one aspect though, Rohit Sharma in ODI Cricket has always been a different player. Three double centuries and five centuries in a single world cup are enough to highlight him as a legend in the format.

Rohit Sharma Changes His ODI Template to Ease Pressure on His Partner
Rohit Sharma makes a century as aggressive approach finds success.

Recent times though has seen Rohit Sharma once again adapt in the format he is exceptional at. His three double centuries saw him make his first 50 in 60-70 balls on each occasion. Rohit Sharma though found ways to accelerate and feast on the bowlers with his incredible timing. His big scores though came with the same plate. Start patiently and shift gears. Back then though, Rohit Sharma had Shikhar Dhawan with him on most occasions, who would take the onus up front.

Now, with new openers, and with more intent being demanded, Rohit Sharma has completely transformed. He is batting with a lot more intent, getting his fifties with strike-rates close to hundred, and is trying new shots too. From being one of the most elegant, Rohit Sharma has now started looking at reverse sweeps, which he tried against Mitchell Santner.

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His powerplay strike-rate had a drastic change after 2019. A result of that was faster starts, but fewer big scores, which is why he went three years without a century. His approach has opened him up to more dismissals, particularly on the pull as he loves taking on the short ball. From strike-rates in the 70s up to 2019, Rohit Sharma took it up to 92 after 2019.

Rohit Sharma though, despite his approach is still looking to score big. A century in the 3rd ODI ended his century drought as he equalled Ricky Ponting for 30 ODI Centuries. His technique and game are already top-notch as Rohit Sharma maintained his ‘lazy elegance’ from the time of his debut in 2007. Against pace and spin he has his game plans set up. Full and fast sees Rohit drive and flick, the short ball has him bring out his pull, and Rohit Sharma has no hesitance to reverse sweep and step down the track to spin.

His game is still growing in ODI Cricket, a format he and Virat Kohli both remain giants in. Rohit Sharma though continues to prove that there is not to many better sights than Rohit Sharma on song. With double centuries scored around him, Rohit Sharma himself is not far from one. He is more aggressive but is still capable of playing the long innings as Rohit Sharma continues to find ways to make strong impacts.