What Has Helped the Royal Challengers Bangalore So Far: IPL 2021


Modified Apr 24, 2021 4:35 PM IST

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The Royal Challengers Bangalore are on a roll with four wins in as many games and seem to have found something working well for them.

The start is more pleasing as the Royal Challengers Bangalore have finally found a way to make use of their potential.

Royal Challengers Bangalore

Season after season, the Royal Challengers bring in strong line-ups to the IPL but struggle with consistency and lose out because of minor holes becoming more extensive as the tournament goes on.

With Ab De Villiers, and Virat Kohli, the batting has always been solid, and with both firings, half of the game is covered for the side.

The question now is, what has been helping the Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Early indications would suggest the performance of Glenn Maxwell.

In the IPL auctions, Bangalore won an intense bidding war to obtain the services of Glenn Maxwell, and the Australian has delivered brilliantly.

He has made significant contributions in three of the four games and looks keen on maintaining his consistency throughout the season.

While Maxwell has stepped up and performed after, his success could be credited to Virat Kohli and the franchise as well.

Unlike before, Glenn Maxwell has been given a clear role in the side, and his spot does not revolve around Virat Kohli and Ab De Villiers.

He has more clarity on what he needs to do.

The Royal Challengers Bangalore have had quality batsman in the past with Chris Gayle, Yuvraj Singh, Aaron Finch, and Moeen Ali.

The mentioned batsmen had good stints and performances with the side but couldn’t maintain consistency as they couldn’t get a long run in the side, with Chris Gayle being an exception.

They were also meant to pressure Virat Kohli and Ab De Villiers but couldn’t match the expectations.

In Maxwell’s case, he has not only released some pressure, but he has also played with the freedom of having a batsman like Ab De Villiers come in after him.

While Glenn Maxwell has played with some freedom and adds a new dimension to the line-up, he may not be the root cause of Bangalore’s rise.

The Royal Challengers Bangalore have looked consistent not only this season but last season too.

They had a few off games but looked like one of the best sides throughout the tournament.

The consistency exhibited last year and the freedom by the side shown this year can be tracked down to the performance of two players.

The first is Devdutt Padikkal.

Throughout the IPL, Bangalore has struggled to find a batter to support their top two players and found run-scoring challenging after the dismissal of Kohli and De Villiers.

The side seems to have found an answer in Devdutt Padikkal, who has found form after a covid break with a magnificent century against Rajasthan.

His batting has added immense value to the side, as they now have a young Indian talent to move the side forward.

Another bonus for the Royal Challengers Bangalore is the bowling.

RCB and death bowling struggles have always been a sight to see in the IPL.

The side used to leak runs at any stage of the innings, and the bowling looked toothless.

Mohammad Siraj, in particular, is a bowler who has been trolled for looking lost on the field and was very expensive.

However, a bowler who was trolled harshly can be seen as the reason behind the Royal Challengers Bangalore’s success.

Mohammad Siraj has been a consistent performer in domestic cricket and India A over the past five years but struggled severely in the IPL.

Come IPL 2020, Mohammad Siraj has transformed his bowling form.

He brought the skill he has shown in domestic cricket and put up a brilliant spell mid-season.

His consistency awarded him a spot in the Test side, and Siraj has not looked back ever since.

After a stint with the Indian team, Mohammad Siraj now looks like a transformed bowler.

He has been high on confidence and has solved Bangalore’s bowling woes, which have been their biggest issue over the years.

While Siraj has done well with the ball, the Royal Challengers Bangalore have also found a wicket-taker in the death, where they have been among the worst in previous seasons.

Harshal Patel is currently among the top wicket-tackers of the season and has transformed himself into a good death bowler, which has helped Bangalore plug a massive hole in their ship.

With Harshal Patel, Devdutt Padikkal, and Mohammad Siraj stepping up along with Glenn Maxwell, who has found himself a decisive role in the team, the

Royal Challengers Bangalore look like serious title contenders.

They have been in this position in the past only to struggle with consistency.

Although, with more match-winners on their side, Bangalore may keep up their consistency as they have already found the balance required to get them forward in this tournament.

After four wins in four games and a strong side is built up, it will be interesting to see how Bangalore carry their form through the tournament.

For now, they have the Chennai Super Kings ahead of them and will be looking to get past them and complete the fifth win.