‘Shane Warne kept nudging my manager during a meal that I cooked for him’ :Tendulkar

Shane Warne was one of cricket’s greatest players. Former Australian cricketer Warne, who has 708 Test wickets and more than 1000 international wickets to his name, is considered a legend of the sport and is hailed as a pioneer of leg-spin bowling. While Warne was a competitive bowler, he was just as friendly and humorous off the field. One such story is told by former Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. According to an autopsy report, Warne died of natural causes on Friday, aged 52.

Warne shared a hilarious dinner story with Sachin, a long-time friend and cricket rival. He had recalled it as part of his Amazon Prime documentary. As part of his 1998 Indian tour, Warne was invited to Sachin’s place in Mumbai where he was served a spicy chicken dish that he could not handle. ”It was a pleasure to be friends with Sakin. I still consider him to be a great friend. We went to India to play Warne and Tendulkar, not Australia and India. It was my first time visiting him. After dinner, I expected to return to the hotel. To start with, I took a bite of the chicken and nearly blew my head off. After that, I kept cutting it up. Obviously, I owed him and his family a lot of respect,” Tendulkar recalled one incident stated by Warne.

”Despite his good intentions, he kept nudging my manager and asking him to help. Shane had gone into the kitchen that evening and made sausages, beans, and mashed potatoes, which he ate at my place. I love Shane, ” stated Sachin.