Tendulkar shares an adorable video of a dog’s sharp catching skills


Modified Nov 24, 2021 4:38 PM IST

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In general, dogs enjoy playing with balls. Now, even legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar has been impressed by one talented canine while playing cricket.

A young girl is pictured playing cricket in a countryside setting in an adorable video shared by the veteran cricketer on his social media handles. On the screen, a dog appears as a boy on the other side of the pitch bowls. The majority of people believe the dog is just walking by. However, the dog takes the wicket-keeping role!
As soon as the ‘four-legged player’ retrieves the ball, it runs to the bowler to hand it over, and then it gets back behind the stumps.

When the girl hits the ball across the pitch, the furry player even doubles as a fielder and chases it down. Tendulkar was impressed by the cute clip, commenting on how sharp the dog’s catching skills were. The dog’s enthusiasm was also marveled at by the internet community, as well as the fact that he joined the game with the kids, instead of stealing the ball and running away, as we have seen many times recently.

In cricket, ”we have wicketkeepers, fielders, and all-rounders, but how do you describe this player?” Tendulkar asked followers on Twitter.