The astonishing reaction of the Umpire was not expected because of misbehavior of Shakib and Mahudullah


Modified Jun 30, 2021 9:03 PM IST

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The astonishing reaction of the Umpire was not expected because of the misbehavior of Shakib and Mahudullah

Stumps and misbehavior become the new of the day, when Shkib Al Hassan broke the stumps in the Match.

People say in “whether is a match or war one side losses and another side win and the loser is needed for the winner” but for showing the oppose of decision committing a level-2 crime is hilarious in its own way but disrespect of player feeling should not be permitted.

During one of the matches of Dhaka premier league which was held between Gazi Tank Cricketers and Prime Bank Cricket Club while Mahmudullah was the captain of Gazi Tank Cricketers, he lost his composure after a decision was turned down and lied down on the adjacent pitch to express his discontent.

Bangladesh cricket umpire Moniruzzaman has decided to quit following the mishap in the recently-concluded Dhaka Premier League, which also involved Mahmudullah. The Bangladesh cricketer was penalized TK 20000 for his on-field misbehavior in a match where Moniruzzaman was on TV umpire duties but after looking at the Astonishing reaction of the Umpire, we have to think could this misbehave permitted with a small penalty?

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Moniruzzaman is currently included in Bangladesh’s ICC Emerging Panel and was considered to make it to the elite program, but while speaking in their recent interview which was taken by cricbuzz they stated about the misbehavior of Mahmudullah

astonishing reaction of the Umpire on Mahmudullah

“Enough is enough for me and I don’t want to do umpiring anymore. I have some self-respect and want to live with it. Umpires can make mistakes but if we are treated in this manner, there is no point in doing it anymore because I am not in it just for the money,” Moniruzzaman was recited as saying.

Also before a few days ago the former Bangladesh captain Shkib-al-Hasan also came into the limelight of the media because of his rude behavior toward the field Umpire on the field. The veteran all-rounder expressed his rage twice on the field – once by kicking off the stumps and then uprooting them and throwing them away on the pitch.

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Astonishing reaction of the Umpire on Shakib

Commenting on Shakib’s act, Moniruzzaman said, “I was not involved in Shakib’s game. The way he behaved was something very hard for me to digest. In the Mahmudullah match, I was the TV umpire and watching the episode closely. It left me numb and at that point, I decided not to carry on with umpiring.”

Truly this was one of the worst days in cricket history because ICC lost excellent TV (Third) Umpire because of continuous misbehavior of players especially Shakib and Mahmudullah after expressing their temper what will be the message will be gone to the player who is looking upon them, who were feeling proud of them which is leading to unfortunate composure in the mind of new flowers. The astonishing reaction of the empire was so sudden and pretty much unexpected though it was nothing but the feeling of a true play-loving empire.

In the future cricket lovers will not look down on them but this kind of reaction of players is unacceptable especially from Shakib who was the former Captain of the leading team in the international cricket of Bangladesh but losing composure on a single decision preciously shows the depth of his heart on TV which seems unfortunate and this is our opinion on those interesting incidents of Dhaka Premier League and on the Astonishing reaction of Umpire which seemed to be a personal decision without a doubt.