The competition is tough when you have someone like Rishab Pant, says Ishan Kishan


Modified Feb 23, 2022 1:32 PM IST

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There is a range of options for Indian cricket teams, regardless of the format. Among them is the wicketkeeper position. The management has Sanju Samson, Ishan Kishan, and part-timer KL Rahul as alternatives to Rishabh Pant as its primary option. Ishan and Pant, Ishan’s former U19 teammate, spoke on Tuesday about the competition. 

Pant broke into the senior team set-up after a great run in the Indian Premier League back in 2018, but they were both part of the same India U19 team. Ibrahim didn’t make his international debut until 2021. Speaking to the press, Ishan acknowledged that the competition between the two is healthy and believes that he must make the most of the opportunities when Pant is not on the team. “There’s great fun to be had when you play a good game against a talented player. As you play good cricket you will start recognizing those important things by yourself. As much as I like wicketkeeping, I will give it my best every time an opportunity arises,” Ishan stated. “My natural tendency is to be a wicketkeeper-batsman in every game. But we also have Rishabh, who has served the team so well. It’s fine with me to take the opportunities that come my way, so I need to make do with what I have. I enjoy the competition,” he continued. 

”It is a delight to have Rishabh as a friend. With respect to cricket, we speak a lot about how things could have been done differently. As well as me, he also shares his thoughts with me. I have never even considered wanting his place, and I can assure you, he is the same way. When we are playing cricket, we don’t even think of ourselves as competitors,” he concluded.