The first woman Indian cricketer to get dope ban


Modified Jun 28, 2021 4:04 PM IST

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Anshula Rao, an all-rounder who played for Madhya Pradesh in various domestic tournaments. The all-rounder woman cricketer is enrolled with BCCI and has shown up in India’s women’s Under-23 T20 match in the year 2019-20. Anshula Rao was found to have traces of restricted steroid inside her, anabolic ’19-Norandrosterone’ found in her body at Baroda, last year in the month of March, following which she failed to prove that the banned substance entered her body without her insight or assent. 

Her samples taken were shipped off to the accredited laboratory in Belgium which discovered traces of the prohibited substance in Anshula’s sample. The cricketer clarified that there was a time-lapse of months between the dope test and for that NADA also charged her for the same. She additionally said with all due respect that she confronted bias as she was approached to bear “exorbitant and unreasonable costs of 2400 Euro for the B Sample testing.” NADA was amazed to discover this drug in a women cricketer’s urine test, as it is significantly utilized by male athletes for accumulating muscle strength and rapid recovery. 

The ADDP(Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel), led by advocate Gaurang Kanth censured NADA for not giving a monetary guide to conducting her B Sample analysis, the board said she “in the current case the athlete failed to clarify how the denied substance entered in her body and hence she failed to take the reasonable care as expected from an athlete.

Following this episode, NADA’s ADDP highlights that “it is the individual duty of a sportsperson to ensure that no denied substance drug enters their body.”

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While giving out a severe four-year ban to Rao, the Board presumed that the unknown drug ought to preferably have not been found in any case. The case became even more fragile when she failed to give an expounded clarification to the board on why she was taking a prohibited substance. Rao is in this way rebuffed with a four-year ban by the board that discovered traces of unallowed substances in the athlete’s body.

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Prithvi Shaw has been banned in 2019. 

Prior, Indian young cricketer, Prithvi Shaw has been banned for bombing a dope test along these lines. In 2019, he was trapped in dope after taking a minor dose of cough syrup during an intra-domestic tournament, without any prescription. After this incident happened, the BCCI urged a ban of 8 months on him. Later that incident, the player uncovered that he was grieved by cough and had taken syrup in the wake of asking his dad, and not the physio of the team.