K L Rahul recalls the tough time during the Westindies series

During the 2022 Indian Premier League, India’s star batter KL Rahul will lead the Lucknow Super Giants (LSG). Gujarat Titans, also debutants in the IPL, will play the Super Giants on March 28. Earlier this month, India’s home season ended with the end of their T20I and Test series against Sri Lanka. Rahul was not part of India’s squads.

On Clubhouse, Rahul discussed bubble fatigue in relation to Red Bull Cricket, which has become a prevalent issue among athletes across multiple sports since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Over the past two years, athletes have been forced to live in isolation due to the pandemic. Rahul believes it has affected his mental health, despite being one of the sanest players on the team.

”I was fine at first, but the West Indies series and the last series at home made me feel awful. It was extremely difficult to remain motivated. I chose cricket as my only skill, therefore I should excel at it. Keeping working hard has kept me motivated. I was talking to my friend Shreyas about how it’s getting harder and harder to maintain relationships, particularly when your family can’t be with you. Having close friends and family helps us to feel normal. It was normal to sleep, wake up, and walk. The days were the same. It was getting harder and harder,” explained Rahul.

“The bubble and the quarantines brought the players together, so we got to know each other better. My relationships with players I have been with for 4-5 years have deepened and I have formed deeper friendships. Through your conversations with your fellow players, you are constantly improving. To be honest, we know nothing else. Our knowledge of cricket is limited,” he concluded.