Umesh Yadav Has the Best chance to Step Up in Ishant’s absence: Australia 2020


Modified Dec 10, 2020 11:08 PM IST

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Umesh Yadav is India’s most experienced bowler, and will likely play a key role this series

Umesh Yadav has started his career back in 2010 and enjoyed his share of ups and downs.

He made his debut in 2010 but had to wait for his chance as India had other pacers for the job.

Umesh Yadav was finally given the opportunity in 2011 against West Indies.

He did well in West Indies and became one of the few positives during a disastrous Australian tour.

The Australian tour allowed Umesh Yadav to show his skills to the world, and he all but sealed his place in the side.

The happiness was short-lived, though, as Yadav suffered from many injuries in 2012, keeping him out for most of the year.

He made it back to the side in 2013 and solved India’s hunt for a fast bowler.

Umesh Yadav’s rise started due to his ability to take wickets in clumps.

He is filled with skills as he can bowl at a high pace, move the ball around, and has an effective bouncer.

His fastest ball so far is at 152 kph, and he can touch 140+ with ease.

Umesh Yadav also has a smooth action and has shown his ability to remain calm under pressure.

Umesh Yadav has been on three visits to Australia, and the 2012 visit was one of his best.

His ability to bowl fast, even on Indian pitches, made him one of the first names to be put on the list while playing in India.

He remained a regular member of the side and played some crucial roles in the 2013 Champions Trophy and 2015 World Cup.

Umesh Yadav remained a key member for India after the World Cup, as India had a long home series.

In thirteen Tests at home, Umesh Yadav just missed one.

Having missed just one home Test displays both his fitness and the ability he possesses while bowling on Indian pitches.

He enjoyed a good season and formed an excellent partnership with Ishant Sharma, while Bhuvneshwar Kumar joined him in swinging conditions.

With Bumrah and Shami emerging, Umesh Yadav struggled to keep his place in the side.

Throughout Umesh Yadav’s career, he suffered from one costly issue.

He bowled fast, and his pace was beneficial, but he lacked control.

The lack of control hurt India overseas, as they struggled to pick up wickets due to pressure release.

He struggled to finish off overs on a high as the last deliveries ended up being loose and hit away with ease.

Umesh Yadav

Due to the lack of control, Umesh Yadav lost his place when India toured after other pacers’ emergence.

With Bumrah and Shami preferred, Umesh Yadav found himself on the bench overseas.

It was a tough pill to swallow, as India’s best fast bowler at home didn’t get the opportunity to enjoy bowling in helpful conditions.

He was included in one Test in England, one in Australia, and one in New Zealand over the last two years.

His appearances were due to injuries among the other bowlers or when India went without any spinners.

With very few opportunities to prove himself and competition among places, the fast bowlers didn’t have too many consistent performances.

He found himself in an out of the Limited-overs sides and has for long been on the fringes.

His expensive figures have affected his chances, and he remained the best back-up on overseas tours.

The Australian Test series this year will be a significant opportunity for Umesh Yadav to prove himself.

In Ishant Sharma’s absence, Umesh Yadav may be given a chance to partner with Shami and Bumrah.

His experience and knowledge of playing in Australia may give him the edge over competitors.

He may get the first chance due to the way he has been used over the last few years.

On India’s previous overseas tours, Umesh Yadav was the first choice replacement when a fast bowler was unavailable.

Going by India’s recent behavior, he could be given the first crack again.

He picked up two wickets in his last Test in Australia, and India will hope he can build on the pressure created by Bumrah and Shami.

Umesh Yadav indeed can put pressure on batsmen but has to ensure his control remains good.

He knows how to use the bounce on the pitches, and with the other two bowlers, the attack will have some serious pace.

Umesh Yadav may have another role in the absence of Ishant Sharma.

Yadav may be required to bowl longer spells, and in the past has shown he is fit to do so.

He will need to maintain his control for more extended periods and ensure the foul balls are reduced.

His experience will be gold as Umesh Yadav has been India’s last three visits to Australia.

At the age of 33, this may be Umesh Yadav’s best chance to seal his place in the side.

A good performance from him may create selection headaches later overseas, once Ishant Sharma is fit.

With Umesh Yadav maintaining his place in India, he will have a lot to prove overseas and going by his previous visits to Australia. He certainly is capable of doing so.