‘Virat is incredible. He can perform easily for another 10 years’: Gaekwad

Virat Kohli vs Sachin Tendulkar is an interesting debate for Indian cricket’s diehard fans. Tendulkar is arguably the greatest batter of his generation, but who is better between Kohli and Tendulkar will only be known with time. While both played in different eras of Indian cricket, their records and numbers are difficult to compare. It is Kohli, though, who stands the best chance of matching, let alone surpassing, Tendulkar’s numerous batting records. 

In ODIs, Kohli is six centuries short of Tendulkar’s 49 tons, but at 33, he is confident of beating Tendulkar’s mark. Anshuman Gaekwad, the former Indian coach, is very bullish on Kohli and believes he will equal one Tendulkar record which is not likely to be topped anytime soon – playing 200 Tests for your country. ”The fact that he has played 100 Test matches and still keeps going the way he has is quite an accomplishment. As a result of playing 100 Test matches, he has gained a great deal of experience. As a result of the way the matches are going, I won’t be surprised if he goes to 200. With his frequency, it is only a matter of time before he reaches 200. I am confident he will be fit and play for a long time to come,” Gaekwad stated during a recent press conference.

”The Indian cricket team will gain a lot from this. It’s not just that Kohli is performing well and leading by example, but he has also gained a great deal of experience as a player, a captain. Kohli has proved that no one can stop him now. No defeat will be accepted by him. His outlook is very positive, that he doesn’t give up until he succeeds,” he concluded.