Virat Kohli’s Horror Run in IPL 2022

Virat Kohli is struggling in 2022 with 119 runs in eight IPL games, consisting of two first-ball ducks.

Virat Kohli: 26 in a three-match ODI series against West Indies, 81 in two Tests against Sri Lanka and 69 in two T20 series are Virat Kohli’s recent numbers across formats before starting the IPL. He hasn’t been himself over the last two years but this season has seen Virat Kohli at his worse possible form in recent times.

In eight IPL games, Virat Kohli only managed 119 runs. He has been dismissed first ball in the last two games, and is struggling to force the pace of the game when he gets a few runs. In the previous game, facing Marco Jansen, the duo had a different battle to what they encountered in 2017. When India toured South Africa in 2017, Virat Kohli was on top of his game as he played Marco Jansen in the nets. Now, Virat Kohli is searching for runs, and looks stuck in the middle.

He started the season promisingly, bringing signs of his usual self out. With Faf Du Plessis starting well, Virat Kohli walked out with a good platform set ahead of him. He was playing his first game after stepping down as the captain of the Royal Challengers Bangalore. After walking in, Kohli instantly found his stride. He was quick between wickets and cleared the ropes a couple times with ease. The innings was as swift as ever with Virat Kohli quickly and silently finishing at 41 with a strike-rate of 141.

His smoothness continued as Kohli was guiding a chase against Mumbai. He wasn’t as smooth though but finished with 48, and didn’t complete the chase as he was dismissed by Dewald Brevis. In between two 40s though, Kohli had a couple of low scores. Following the 40s his struggle started.

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He was dismissed for one, pulling Mukesh Choudhary in a run chase. The dismissal was similar to his dismissals over the past two years with Virat Kohli struggling to force the pace of an innings. He then had a 12 against the Delhi Capitals, and is now in with two first ball ducks in two games. His dismissals have accord in split seconds with Virat Kohli walking off with a wry smile against the Lucknow Super Giants.

His dismissal against the Sunrisers brings his judgement into question. Kohli has always had a small issue with deliveries outside off and Kane Williamson did well to exploit that. With less bounce in Brabourne, Kohli instinctively pushed at a delivery outside the off-stump only to find second slip. Marco Jansen, a tall bowler who knows how to use that line well, did a clever job to lure Kohli into the trap, giving his second first ball duck in a row.

In the end, it was another disappointing knock for Kohli. He has had quite a few disappointing knocks over the past few years and the number of none scoring innings have been very frequent as well. Although he has had a decent amount of rest before the IPL, skipping the Sri Lankan limited-overs series and the New Zealand limited-overs series before the South Africa tour, there are a lot of calls for him to take a break.

After stepping down from captaincy, the effects of a long tenure may be taking a toll on him. He still has the class, but is struggling to hang around, and could do with a break to bring his mental game back on track.