Wassan blames the BCCI for Kohli’s firing


Modified Dec 23, 2021 1:54 PM IST

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According to former Indian fast bowler Atul Wassan, Virat Kohli denied being notified of his departure as ODI captain.. According to the former Indian Cricketer, this could not have been made by selectors. Infact, the 53-year-old feels that BCCI has made the choice.

Despite the fact that the Kohli’s captaincy debate continues to burn, it does not appear that it will be extinguished anytime soon. As a result of his ouster as India’s ODI captain, Kohli’s angry news conference from a week ago continues to elicit comments. Wassan, however, responded to a query regarding what caused the decision by stating that naming just one factor would not be sufficient to make such a significant decision. “If you ask me, I will definitely say that Kohli’s form is definitely an esential thing to consider. Nobody would have bothered him even if India had lost, and Ravi Shastri’s resignation also helped. Wassan remarked, ” Rahul Dravid is unyielding, and the animosity and rankling of what happened with Anil Kumble is palpable.”

“At the end of the day, one should move on,” individuals stated in reaction to all of this. According to them, they somehow feel that is the best time to clip Kohli’s wings and prevent him from doing what he wants, especially now that Ravi Shastri is no more as the Cricket coach ,” Wassan concluded.