top 5 FEMALE CRICKET TEAMS In the world

Australian women’s national cricket team has won the World Cup seven times. Cricket is considered the most loved sport in Australia among women. The sport has over 2 million fans and supporters, making it the most watched game in the country.


South Africa has the world’s second most successful women’s cricket team and the best on the African continent. Ever since making their debut in 1960, they have gone to represent their country in over seven cricket World Cups, winning none.

South Africa


The Indian women’s cricket squad can be considered as successful as the South Africans. The country made its debut in 1976 and has lost 2 World Cup final matches to Australia and one to England. Cricket is a very emotional sport for the people of India because it is the biggest sport in the country.


The England Women’s national team setup differs slightly from many other countries. It’s because the team is a combination of both Wales and England national teams. The ICC Women’s T20 World Cup record stands out among all the records held by the team. The team has an impressive record of 117 wins in 168 games, giving them the best win average in the competition.

New Zealand

New Zealand female cricket team is ranked 5th in the global women’s cricket table. They are one of the most resilient female cricket teams. For the White Ferns, it’s not over until it’s truly over. In 2022, the group had their best outing in the Commonwealth Games after winning the bronze medal, with Australia and India claiming the gold and silver medals, respectively.