What Makes Jason Holder so Valuable

Jason Holder- The underrated superstar in the West Indies team.

  • admin | March 19, 2022 | 11:08 pm

Jason Holder is the latest millionaire in the IPL and the all-rounder definitely deserves it despite going off radar on many occasions. Jason Holder’s international career started as a bowler back in 2013. His height at 6ft 7 inches allowed him to extract steep bounce despite not being the fastest. Early in his career, Holder showed immense potential and was given captaincy within a short time.

He took captaincy, had a tenure across formats for six odd years, went on to become one of the best all-rounders in the World all at the age of 30. Despite all his contributions as an all-rounder though, Jason Holder is still behind in the discussions as the likes of Ben Stokes steal the talk regarding all-rounders. His captaincy tenure wasn’t so great as Jason Holder had a team which was in financial turmoil. The ODI side didn’t have its best players, the Test team wasn’t supported due to financial issues, and Jason Holder couldn’t put up a competitive side.

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2019 though saw Holder find a competitive side as they beat England. He also led the West Indies to Test wins in England twice, and the side was competitive in the 2019 World Cup despite only winning one game.

Now, Jason Holder has been removed as captain, but his value of a player is coming out nicely. Starting off as a bowler who could bounce batters with his height, Jason Holder has started to display a versatile set of skills. He can handle the new-ball, bowls some testing and economical spells, and is now also taking wickets in the death overs.

Jason Holder displays batting skills with superb double-century

In the previous T20 series against England, Holder took a hat-trick at the death, showing that he can take wickets and hold off an end as well. In the IPL as well, Jason Holder is famous for his ability to take wickets in the middle overs. He generally comes on after the opening bowlers, and may seem like a bowler who can be taken for runs, and that is what traps batters.

His bowling though is a known entity. A surprise has been through his batting growth. Initially, Jason Holder wasn’t looked at for his batting much, but now he is a key batter in the side. Batting at six, Jason Holder is flexible enough to play the situation. He can anchor the innings if needed, playing some patient knocks, including a double-century against England. When quick runs are needed, Jason Holder has the ability to clear the fence as well as anyone, and the recent CPL saw him put up some explosive shows.

As a batter, Holder’s calmness and situational awareness makes him as threatening as some of the best in the World. His bowling is also flexible as Holder can control the runs and take wickets as per the situation. His fielding is another asset. With Jason Holder’s height, the tall cricketer has saved and taken a number of boundary catches which can’t be imagined by the shorter fielders. His height makes it tougher for the batters as Holder seems to just pluck out catches in the deep.

Jason Holder moves to LSG after a couple of good seasons with SRH

Finally, Jason Holder has the experience of leading a nation, and his experience is very valuable. He is a calm head and natural leader, who can always be helpful if the captain needs advice. As a player, he is a captains go to man, and with multiple uses, his high price tag is not a surprise in the IPL. During the CPL as well, Jason Holder showed why he can be useful as he single-handedly tried to save his team from embarrassment. He has also had some wonderful contributions for SRH recently, and is doing a good job for the West Indies.

With such immense talent, experience and situational awareness, Jason Holder is easily a talent for any team. With World Cups and the IPL ahead, it won’t be surprising if his name hits the headlines despite Holder often going under the radar.