What’s brewing between Kohli and Ashwin?


Modified Sep 6, 2021 8:15 PM IST

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A high level of curiosity has arisen among the cricket lovers as for the fourth consecutive time, R. Ashwin was not roped in for the ongoing Test series against England at The Oval, London. It seems Virat Kohli is preferring Jadeja over Ashwin as one can see that even for the fourth successive test in the series Jadeja has been the squad member instead of Ashwin.

Now the question arises, Is anything wrong between both Ashwin and Jadeja? Or was it BCCI’s decision to keep Ashwin to keep the spinner out of the series? Well, if sources are to be believed, The Indian Captain thinks that the off-spinner is a very little threat to England players since the seamers have the bigger task and the role of spinners are less or very limited. Adding on, he further explains that the squad perfectly fits according to the situation, also he (Jadeja) is also giving a balance with his fantastic batting ability.

Although on Thursday, Indian Captain Virat Kohli announced at the toss that the spinner won’t be there in the team for the ongoing 5 test series at The Oval, London. Few days back R Ashwin posted pictures on his social media where he was seen doing shadow batting. What’s left to see is whether virat takes this effort into account for the final series or not. 

Is it as simple as it looks or is something much bigger brewing?