WTC Scenarios ahead of the Edgbaston Test

WTC Finals

Sanjay Sanapoori

Modified Jun 30, 2022 11:50 AM IST

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There’s a year left for the WTC Finals and ahead are some interesting scenarios. As of today, five teams are in with a strong chance of going to the Finals, mathematically, while the West Indies are in with an outside chance as well. Ahead are the scenarios for the following teams.

The Strugglers England and New Zealand

New Zealand is already in with a tough chance of making the Finals. The World Test Champions are currently sitting with a points percentage of 25.93 after four series. In fact, ahead of the series, New Zealand was already out of contention and their chances take a further hit after losing to England.

England though is still hanging on. They seemed so far behind after the Ashes and West Indies tour. They are still far behind but stand a slight chance. If they win all their remaining Tests they will get a percentage just above 50. They have some tough games ahead though with South Africa and India visiting them while they themselves go to Pakistan. 50 is still a low amount but if other results go their way England may have a very small chance of making the Finals.

Defending Champions New Zealand are out of contention for the WTC Finals

Where do Bangladesh and West Indies Stand

Bangladesh is already out of contention after playing some poor Test Cricket this season. Their win in New Zealand was probably the best part of the WTC for them but continuous defeats leave them far behind.

With West Indies winning against England and Bangladesh, they are well placed on 50 percent. They still have some tough fixtures in Australia, which leaves them facing a really uphill task if they are to qualify. However, at 50% West Indies still have hopes of making the Finals.

How is India Placed

India has seven Tests to play, and winning each of them takes them to 74 percent. That may be enough to qualify with Australia already at 74, with tough fixtures ahead. India’s fixtures with Australia will be crucial in determining their hopes for the Finals. A good series will take Australia’s tally down while pushing India into a threatening and competitive spot. The upcoming Tests will have a lot of weightage for India as a single loss can take them down to 68%, considering they win the upcoming games. With a huge percentage loss, the Edgbaston Test becomes very crucial for India.

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How safe are Leaders South Africa and Australia

South Africa and Australia are well placed in the top two. With a good home series against India and a win in New Zealand, South Africa is in with a strong chance of making the finals. They still have to play England and Australia away from home. If those two series go through well then South Africa is likely to cement its place. A single series win in either location will keep them above 65%.

Australia still has eleven Tests to go. They are currently playing Sri Lanka and are scheduled to play four Tests in India. If they manage to win at least two of those Tests and go unbeaten in their home summer they are guaranteed a spot in the Finals.

Pakistan and Sri Lanka are in with a Better Shot than expected

Sri Lanka is in a good position as well, leading the WTC Table for a while as well. They are on 55% but have some tough assignments ahead of them. They are hosting Australia and Pakistan and will later visit New Zealand. In their remaining games, Sri Lanka needs four wins and a draw to get them to 65%.

Pakistan is in with a stronger chance than Sri Lanka. Their remaining Tests are either at home or in the subcontinent. Winning five out of their remaining seven takes them above 65%, allowing them to contest in the WTC Finals if other results go their way.