CPL introduces 6IXTY, the world’s newest power game!

CPL made the declaration of the 6IXTY league via social media through posts and a teaser that included West Indies legend Chris Gayle.

  • Sinchan Saha | June 23, 2022 | 2:47 pm

Come August, cricket will have another format. Cricket West Indies (CWI) and the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) on Wednesday (June 22) revealed another 60-ball competition. It’s known as THE 6IXTY.

The Caribbean Premier League’s tenth season will begin with a pristine T10-style association which will see 6 men’s groups and 3 women’s teams take part in a 60-balls-a-side competition with “extremist new principles”. 

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CPL made the declaration via online entertainment through posts and a secret video that included West Indies legend Chris Gayle. The association has been named 6IXTY.

CPL (men) establishments and the three women’s (WCPL) teams. It will be played between August 24 and 28 at Warner Park in St Kitts and Nevis, before the CPL 2022 season.

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Here are some features that the configuration will have, as indicated by sources:

Each batting group has six wickets, instead of ten. Significance, batting group will be viewed as all-out at the fall of the 6th wicket;

– There will be a drifting powerplay over, which the batting group can ‘open’ in the wake of hitting two sixes in the underlying two-over powerplay;

– As the name proposes, there will be 60 legitimate conveyances/10 overs for every innings;

– Bowling crews will convey 30 balls/five back to back overs from each end. Also, the innings ought to be finished in 45 minutes or less;

– On the off chance that groups neglect to bowl their 10 overs inside the specified time, a defender will be taken out for the last six balls;

– Furthermore, fans will choose when the ‘secret free hit’ can be taken, by means of an application or site.

“Creating energy and interest is just about attempting. It’s like what’s the deal with golf at this moment – you need to take a gander at things through an alternate focal point in some cases. This is about an absolutely new crowd. We’re pursuing a more youthful age,” CPL CEO Pete Russell was cited as telling ESPNcricinfo.

“We will probably do four per year, that is the beginning stage. Possibly, you might want to have three in the Caribbean and one somewhere else. We might want to play one universally some place: on the off chance that I could take the 6ixty to Vegas, that would be a fantasy ticket,” he added.

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