Dwayne Bravo and Kieron Pollard- T20 Stalwarts and Fierce Competitors

Dwayne Bravo and Kieron Pollard

Sanjay Sanapoori

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Dwayne Bravo and Kieron Pollard have a fierce rivalry that goes back a long way. They are present in almost every T20 league going around and though they are different in stature the value the provide is quiet similar. Kieron Pollard is big, imposing, hits big, and can surprise batters with his bowling. Dwayne Bravo is not the biggest, but he can still clear the ropes with equal ease, and is a dangerous bowler with his variations in pace.

When one thinks of T20 Cricket, the West Indies are the first to come to mind. With two T20 World Cup wins and star players playing in leagues all over the world, they are the most prominent in the format. While Chris Gayle, Andre Russell, Dwayne Bravo, Sunil Narine and Kieron Pollard are prominent names, Bravo and Pollard tend to stand out.

Kieron Pollard gets a sendoff after being dismissed by Dwayne Bravo

The reason both stand out tends to be because of their rivalry and impact. Both players are hardly seen changing franchises, and generally maintain their form enough to make a mark on the tournament. Additionally, both players have a fierce rivalry among each other. Combined, both players have won 31 titles. They publicly compete to see who finishes with the more. At the moment Dwayne Bravo is at 16 thanks to a good 2021 and Kieron Pollard is one behind at 15.

With nearly 1200 T20s in between them, Dwayne Bravo and Kieron Pollard are freely roaming the globe, playing T20 Cricket. They still remain central figures to their sides. Kieron Pollard still leads in the Caribbean Premier League and was also retained by the Mumbai Indians. He is an integral part of the side, turning up for them since 2010. He has been apart all five of their championship seasons, playing integral roles in each win.

Dwayne Bravo too still leads in the Caribbean Premier League. At 38, his career is in its last phases, but his bowling just keeps getting better. He was bought back by the Chennai Super Kings, indicating that he still remains a key member of MS Dhoni’s team. His rivalry with Pollard tends to get bigger in the IPL.

Back in 2010, Dwayne Bravo’s suggestion is what helped Mumbai Indians bring in Kieron Pollard. They shared the same dressing room as MI made it to the Finals against CSK, the franchise Dwayne Bravo would move to a year later. The rivalry began when both changed dressing rooms. Up until then, Bravo and Pollard were on the same page in International Cricket and domestic as well.

From starting their journey together in the Mumbai Indians, both went on to become regulars in every T20 league appearing. The competition among the two is as fierce as ever, as both keep fighting back. In 2012, when Bravo dismissed Pollard in the eliminator, Bravo gave a friendly and comic send off. The next season, Pollard came back as he took on Bravo in the Final over of the 2013 IPL Finals. He pushed Mumbai to a score which was eventually enough to defend. His late burst played a cruical role in getting Mumbai their first IPL Title. Both players already had T20 titles by then and also won a World Cup together.

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In IPL 2020 and IPL 2021, when both players won championships in different years, they pointed out who was ahead as well. Away from the IPL, both players are pretty active in the CPL, BPL, The Hundred and The Canadian T20 League. Both players compete with records their too. On a few occasions though, they have helped each other, winning a trophy for themselves when they played together for Trinbago Knight Riders.

The duo still competes, and with neither playing international cricket anymore the competition is likely to get fiercer. While neither is the greatest in the format, they are stalwarts, having played in almost every T20 league available. After fourteen years of globetrotting, the pair are reaching the backends of their careers. One is among the best death bowlers, while one is the most destructive batter in the format.

With 1164 wickets, 18714 runs and 920 wickets between them, there are some enviable numbers. Kieron Pollard is struggling a touch now, but still continues to show occasional glimpses of brilliance. Bravo is still plying his trade in the death, as both lead their sides in the CPL. With a lot of the CPL left, there is still a lot in store in this classic rivalry between Dwayne Bravo and Kieron Pollard.