Royal Challengers Bangalore’s Captaincy Candidates for 2022

The Royal Challengers Bangalore are in search of a new captain.

  • admin | March 11, 2022 | 6:03 pm

IPL 2022 is coming soon and the Royal Challengers Bangalore have to make a decision on who leads them as Virat Kohli stepped down following IPL 2021. Below are a few candidates who could have a chance at leading the side.

Faf Du Plessis

With immense captaincy experience and a lot of time spent in the IPL behind him, Faf Du Plessis has a strong chance of finally leading an IPL side. He is a good option, can open the batting, and is a smart player who can be a little unorthodox with the bat. While Faf Du Plessis is a good option, there are a few things holding his chances back. For starters, he is 37, and may not be a long-term option.

Additionally, teams don’t prefer overseas captains as that would lead to issues regarding the overseas slot if the captain suffers form. Du Plessis though is doing a fine job in franchise Cricket, and may take the job if the Royal Challengers Bangalore overlook common points and think out of the box.

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Dinesh Karthik

Dinesh Karthik is the best Indian option available to lead the Royal Challengers Bangalore.

With foreign options always a question as captain, the Royal Challengers Bangalore could look to Dinesh Karthik. Karthik too is an experienced player and has been around since the first season of the IPL. He lead the Delhi Daredevils before and recently was the captain of Kolkata Knight Riders for a considerable period. His willingness to lead may be the one question ahead. In 2020, Dinesh Karthik stepped down as skipper mid-way due to the presence of Eoin Morgan. With another captaincy option in the side, Karthik may again not be too willing to take up the role.

Glenn Maxwell

Glenn Maxwell is set to miss the first week due to his marriage.

Glenn Maxwell is another option as skipper going by his performances in IPL 2021. He joined a season ago and quickly became a core member of the side. He has also lead the Kings XI Punjab in an earlier season, and has experience of leading an IPL team. The question about his appointment though will be form and availability. Glenn Maxwell will be missing at least the first week of the season due to his marriage. Even if he is appointed as captain, there may be a concern regarding his batting form as Maxwell will not be able to play with the same freedom as he did last season.

Mohammad Siraj

With Royal Challengers Bangalore low on captaincy options, Mohammad Siraj may be in the mix as well. His appointment is near impossible, but he has been with the side for a while, and has some good numbers too. He is the attack leader already, and is a decent thinker with the ball. The last two seasons in particular, have been wonderful for Siraj as his excitement and energy helped Bangalore create pressure early on. Mohammad Siraj as a captain though is a tough sight to see. He can get overexcited at times, and with limited review around, spectators will have a lot of comical moments if Siraj is appointed as the leader.

Virat Kohli

As the Royal Challengers Bangalore have only three solid options to lead the side, each with pros and cons, they could look to persuade Virat Kohli to lead the side again. He still remains the best option as Royal Challengers’ skipper, but his interest to lead the side is an issue. Over the last year, Virat Kohli relinquished captaincy in all formats of the game, indicating that he wants to play without the freedom of leadership.

However, the lack of options may need the Royal Challengers Bangalore to hold some strong talks with Virat Kohli, as they look for a leader at least until they can get a long-term option in the next auction. He is still the face of the side, and his name is synonymous with the Royal Challengers Bangalore, so appointing him will make a lot of fans happy.