RR vs KKR highlights: RR wins by 7 runs in a nerve wrecking match

IPL 2022 30th match highlights: Rajasthan Royals defeats Kolkata Knight Riders by 7 wickets finishing it off with 217/5, debutant Obed McCoy winning it for RR. Shreyas Iyer led side put up good effort yet faces another defeat, putting them in hot water.

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Rajasthan Royals and Kolkata Knight Riders both had to shake themselves up from their last defeat and compete against each other on 18th April in the 30th match of Indian Premier League 2022 at Mumbai’s Brabourne Stadium. Rajasthan Royals wins the match by 7 runs, putting KKR into yet another defeat.

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Shreyas Iyer wins the toss and KKR chooses to bowl first. RR started off with a steady over where Rana slammed a solid four and a six after he survived a DRS review which was an umpire’s call. Chahal caught up to him as he had Rana caught at on with a googly resulting in 14 runs and a wicket off the over. 

Sanju Samson keeps Shreyas Iyer at bay with a short and down the leg side. Iyer tries to get back but Samson presses the wound further with another four and six, resulting in 15 off the over. Boult makes a good comeback in the same over. He proceeded to concede four singles off the next four balls as Chahal restricts Iyer with LBW and receives a raised finger from the umpire. The over showed THREE REDS as Iyer makes a move to heave it over the leg side but ends up missing and gets hit on the back leg. 

Shreyas Iyer seemed to have come with an aggressive intent. After a couple of singles off the first three balls, KKR had a huge over. Aaron Finch showed good form hitting a top edge for four and another grounding six. 

Kolkata Knight Riders stood at 116/2 after 10 overs, a decent over where Ashwin got a chance to Run out Rana while Iyer drove one straight back and scored a direct hit. Luckily Nitish Rana was practically saved as he was about to be a goner due to being outside his crease. KKR captain Iyer hit a reverse sweep six and scored 9 off that over. 

For Rajasthan Royals, Obed McCoy bowled the final over with Jackson on strike needing 11 off 6 balls. With a rather half-hearted heave, Jackson was slower on the pads and ended up hitting it straight to the short fine leg fielder. Right Umesh stays on strike needing 8 off 3. Buttler, good with his form, Iyer played an amazing hit of 85 while Yuzvendra Chahal showed us a game changing bowling over with four wickets including a hat-trick followed by debutant McCoy saving 11 runs in the last over running for two wickets to win for Rajasthan. 

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A good length delivery on the middle, Umesh gets cleaned as he tried for a swing across the line but missed as the ball rattled the timber. Obed McCoy exhibits a brilliant debut for himself as he wins it for Rajasthan Royals and the team wins by 7 runs. 

Kolkata Knight Riders put up a good fight, finishing off on 210/10 but still added to their debt of losses as Rajasthan Royals became victorious with 217/5. It was a nail biting episode of IPL 2022 yet again for fans although after KKR’s loss they would seemingly be in deep waters. They need to think fast and act faster. 

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