Lucknow wins in a thrilling match, De Kock in limelight with his 140*

Lucknow Super Giants were up against Kolkata Knight Riders and won the match by 2 runs. De Kock became the star with his massive 140 posting LSG to 210/0 in an intense match at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, putting KKR out of the tournament.

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Indian Premier League 2022, Match 66: Lucknow Super Giants win by 2 runs over Kolkata Knight Riders. Marcus Stoinis saved his nerves and dominated the match for LSG. The KL Rahul-drove side enlisted a success by 2 runs. Kolkata Knight Riders, a side that needs a guard win to remain above water in the IPL, will clash with Lucknow Super Giants at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on Wednesday. KL Rahul-driven LSG are on 16 goals and keeping in mind that they ought to inhale simple, a success here will see them ensure a spot in the main 2.

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Lucknow Super Giants have won the throw and selected to bat first. Umesh Yadav starts the proceedings for KKR while Quinton de Kock and KL Rahul open the innings for LSG. First limit of the match. Umesh Yadav bowls this short and around the leg stump channel, De Kock simply helps that on the way to a four. Umesh Yadav gets hit for a boundary in his first over. It has been a consistent beginning from LSG openers, Quinton de Kock and KL Rahul. Tim Southee moves away on that one. He came round the wicket, offering some width however De Kock neglected to find the hole through the covers as he hit that directly to the defender. However, he struck in that one and LSG are scoring runs at a nice rate right now. That is an enormous opportunity gone asking. Terrible beginning from the debutant Tomar. Yadav bowled this length conveyance, way outside off. De Kock attempts to go over the on side region yet absolutely miscues his stroke and the ball goes up high. The defender covers a decent ground around third man locale yet couldn’t take the catch. Umesh Yadav is distraught about that one. Umesh Yadav bowls this touch back of the length, around the centre stump channel and De Kock hammers that over profound mid-wicket limit for a MAXIMUM.

A decent over from Sunil Narine after Quinton de Kock had begun to take on the KKR bowlers right off the bat in the innings. He bowls this short and outside off, Rahul places that pleasantly through the covers however the defender positioned at mid-off runs back and attempts to place in the jump yet couldn’t stop the limit. A costly over from Umesh Yadav as he yields a greatest and a four in that one. KL Rahul hosts unquestionably joined the gathering. What a shot from KL Rahul. He hits that more full conveyance back past the bowler for a limit. This raises the 50-run organisation also. Sunil Narine bowls this full, pitching outside leg and Quinton de Kock trudge clears this one for one more extreme over in reverse square leg. After 15 overs,Lucknow Super Giants 122/0. Another from the left-hander. Chakaravarthy bowls this short and De Kock pulls that over profound mid-wicket. A costly over from the spinner. He has been hit for several maximums and afterward a limit. Quinton de Kock has completely ruled the bowlers. WHAT AN INNINGS from Quinton de Kock. He scores up to 100! Russell bowls that back of the length, outside off and the left-hander places that through point district for a boundary. After 18 overs,Lucknow SuperGiants 164/0, Quinton de Kock raised his hundred in that finish. An extravagant over from Tim Southee. He was hit for four sixes in that one Quinton de Kock proceeded with his strength. After 19 overs,Lucknow Super Giants 191/0. Russell bowls full, outside off and De Kock cuts that over the diminutive third man region for another four.

KKR started the difficult undertaking as need might arise to pursue down 211 to remain in the race. LSG drew first blood and that was a splendid catch by Quinton de Kock. Contact back of the length ball from Mohsin that simply moves into the left-hander a piece and takes the internal edge of the bat. De Kock leaps to one side and takes a blinder. A splendid beginning to the proceedings as Mohsin Khan eliminates Venkatesh Iyer for a zero. Tomar gets off the imprint with a limit. Width presented by Jason Holder who bowls this touch more full and the right-hander places that pleasantly through the regressive point for a four. Another wicket comes in and KKR are in a spot of trouble. They need to score runs rapidly and furthermore need a consistent stand. A short one from Avesh Khan as Nitish Rana goes for the draw. The ball takes the top edge and takes off to the walls behind. This time Rana goes back to front. Length conveyance, outside off and Rana goes over additional cover. KKR are managing in limits right now. Holder bowls that back of the length, outside off and Shreyas Iyer takes the flying course over covers.

Holder pulls the length on this one. Iyer goes across to pull that one and figures out how to get something on it as the ball takes off for one more limit behind the stumps. One more great over for KKR as Shreyas Iyer gets a few boundaries in that one. After 5 overs,Kolkata Knight Riders 47/2. he limits are not halting. This time he goes for the converse range on the more full conveyance bowled on to the stumps. Nitish Rana gets three boundaries in that one and keeps the scoreboard moving. A decent over from Bishnoi first up as the spinner simply gives five in that over. Gowtham eliminates a perilous looking Rana. The spinner throws that one up a little and Rana takes the aeronautical course yet couldn’t time his stroke well and Stoinis takes a decent catch around lengthy off.

Gowtham gets a significant wicket in that finish. He eliminated Nitish Rana who was looking really perilous at one second. KKR need a few fast runs now as the necessary rate is increasing. After 9 overs, Kolkata Knight Riders 79/3. A flighted conveyance, outside off from Bishnoi and Shreyas Iyer hits that in the air and the ball goes behind the limit rope wide of long off. Shreyas Iyer is misdirected with that speed as Stoinis bowls that full, outside off and the hitter attempts to hit that throughout cow corner yet couldn’t time his stroke well and is gotten by Deepak Hooda. Marcus Stoinis got the estimated wicket of Shreyas Iyer in that over after the right-hander indented up his 50 years. Another wicket goes down as Bishnoi has one. He bowls an off-base run to Billings who was at that point out of his crease. The hitter totally misses his stroke and Quinton de Kock wraps up the work behind the stumps. Rinku Singh is ablaze. Directly in the opening and the left-hander swings the bat and the ball dispatches straight back out of the ground. What a catch as of now. Rinku Singh takes the flying course on this more full conveyance, outside off and Evin Lewis runs in and gets a one-gave shocker.

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WICKET! Stoinis has tidied up Umesh Yadav and wins it for LSG. The Super Giants secure a two-run win and walk ahead. KKR required 21 in the last over. Rinku Singh got the condition down to three expected off two preceding Evin Lewis got a screamer on the penultimate conveyance and afterward Marcus Stoinis kept his nerves eventually and tidied up Umesh Yadav to dominate the match for his side. With this loss, KKR are out of the end of the season games race.

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